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SCORE (For the Life of Your Business), founded in 1964, is a non-profit organization dedicated to free business consulting, business management training and the formation, growth, and success of small businesses nationwide. For more detail click here...


Success Stories

Bounce Realm

Inspiration comes in many forms and in all kinds of weather; the key is to pay attention. Just ask, Lidia Saypanya. One over 100 degree day in 2007 while visiting family in Texas, Lidia, her husband Thouy, and her sister decided to take their kids to a local indoor play place where they could burn off their energy in air conditioned comfort. It was a new kind of experience for Lidia’s then 8-year-old son. When he came running up, breathless to tell them how much fun he was having, Lidia and Thouy looked at each other and, in unison, said, “Milwaukee needs one of these!” (Click here for the rest of the story....)


SCORE 50th Anniversary Celebration
Thurs. Oct. 9, 2014

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Social Media: A Beginner's Guide
Sat. October 11th

Franchising - Profitable Business Opportunity in Franchising
Sat. October 11th

QB Section III - Solutions to General Issues with QuickBooks
Thurs. October 16th

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